Evaporative Cooling Towers & Condensers, both large and small!

By evaporating water, wet cooling towers and condensers provide simple and cost effective solutions to many cooling requirements with a very low power consumption compared to other available technologies. 

We are specialists within evaporative cooling towers and condensers and can supply units from approx 20 kW up to 30 MW and 5500 m3/h per cell. C.A. Mörck have supplied more than 50 MITA units since we started working with them in 2008, and even more before then with previous partners/manufacturers.

Are you about to replace an old, install a new cooling tower or complement an existing cooling capacity? We will be more than pleased to assist you in selecting the optimal solution for your specific application needs. Call us today!

Our modular type cooling towers and condensers are manufactured with walls in GRP and supporting structure in hot dip galvanized steel as standard. Thus providing our clients with a corrosion free product with very high quality, low weight, short installation time, long life time and with a minimal need for maintenance.

Advantages for you as customer

  • Effective cooling
  • Low energy consumption, environmentally friendly solution
  • Short delivery time, with high delivery reliabilty
  • Experienced sales engineers with advisory capabilites
  • Corrosion free materials with long life time
  • Used to addressing winter operation issues
  • Most models with direct driven axial fans with minimal maintenance

Typical options

In connection to the pre-engineering phase we can offer several handy options to optimise operation, energy consumption and maintenance:

  • Service hatches,or fully removable side walls for simple and effective maintenance actions
  • Noise abating solutions, such as low speed fans, noise hoods and splash absorbing pads
  • Variable frequency drive for low energy consumption
  • Supporting frames in hot dip galvanized steel or stainless steel
  • Motor anticondensation heaters
  • Heating coils in water basin
  • Over flow and/or low level switches
  • Diffusor heaters to avoid ice formation on air outlet
  • and much, much more..

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MITA Cooling Technologies – main brochure
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MITA Open Type – K19- small to medium
Model PME – Industrially cleaned make up water
(Pdf-format,  2,5 mb)

MITA Open Type – K12/CW – small to medium
Model PME – Clean water
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MITA Closed Type Cooling & Condensors
Models MCC (closed loop) / MCE (condensor) / HBR (hybrid)
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MITA Open Type – small
Model PMS
(Pdf-format,  1 mb)

MITA Open Type – modular – large
Model PMM
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MITA Adiabatic Type
Model PAD-V
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Torraval Field Erected – large
Models RM and OC
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Open Evaporative Cooling Towers

The most effective cooling can be achieved in those cases where cooling media is allowed to come in contact with ambient air. We have a wide variety of models from small to large units in plastic up to both site built cooling towers in both plastic and concrete.

All models are designed and adopted to allow optimal transport solutions with low CO2-imprint and simple installation on site at our customer locations.

Öppna evaporativa kyltorn

Closed loop evaporative cooling towers and condensers

In such cases where the cooling media cannot be subjected to ambient air, one can still use the evaporative cooling effect by spraying water in recirculation over the cooling bundle. This is often used for example when condensating chiller media, such as ammonia, for various types of chillers.

Within this area, we also have special solutions such as hybrid cooling towers that work as “wet” (evaporative) coolers during the warmer period, and as a normal “dry” air cooler during the colder portion of the season. As well as adiabatic cooling towers that through evaporative effect pre-cools the cooling air flow which subsequently cools the cooling bundle.

Slutna evaporativa kyltorn


Animation – open circuit model PME
Function of cooling tower with open cooling circuit type MITA PME.

Animation – closed circuit model MCC
Function of cooling tower with closed cooling circuit type MITA MCC. (same principal for condensor model MCE)

Animation – open circuit model PMM
Function of cooling tower with open cooling circuit type MITA PMM.

Animation Adiabatic Dry Cooler
Function of dry cooler with closed loop cooling/condensor circuit and adiabatic air pre-cooling principle, model MITA PAD-V.