New cooling tower model with great environmental advantages

Hem New cooling tower model with great environmental advantages

During 2020 MITA complemented their PME-model range with a special model developed for extra low sound levels called Silent Plus – in abbreviation SPL.

The idea was born in connection to a Swedish project with extraordinary sound demands at a pulp mill which needed a special solution beyond MITA’s normal “Silent” options. By oversizing the unit, the required air flow and the pressure loss in the cool pack are decreased thereby allowing use of a smaller motor and at a lower speed level. Another effect is a considerably lower power consumption meaning that –

MITA’s model PME Silent Plus provides two environmental advantages: low sound level and low power consumption.

Apart from low speed motor/fan solution and oversizing, the air inlets are closed off in two directions and it can be equipped with splash damping mats in the water basin as well as air inlet silencers.

Since the Swedish project was completed in spring of 2019, MITA have developed the model type further making the Silent Plus available as a standard option for all sizes within the MITA PME model range. And already during 2020, MITA received more than 20 orders for the new SPL-model for international deliveries.

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