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Cooling Water Intake Systems

Where there are requirements for higher water flows, for example cooling water, from different water ways, this will require an intake system able to separate larger impurities and particles from the water to protect pumps and other equipment down stream.

For this purpose we have two different types of intake systems available part of Taprogge’s “IN-TA-CT”, short for Integrated Taprogge Concept. One is the single stage system ny name TAPIS, and the other a multi-stage system. Below and in the documents you will find more information about these systems.

In certain cases it is also possible to utilize larger filters instead of these intake systems, you can read more about these at this page.

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Single stage system – TAPIS

The system know by name TAPIS® (Taprogge Airpowered Intake System) is visible in the system image at the top of page where you place on or more intake modules directly into the water source, so called TAPIS Polyhedras.

These modeuls made entirely of non-corrosive materials incorporate cling free elements which are positioned in such way to avoid and minimize taking in sediments from the creek, river, lake or sea bed. The total surface area is carefully calculated to enable bring the water intake velocity dow to such low velocities that even smaller fish avoid getting sucked in. The filter elements holes have a diameter between 5 to 10 mm and the system and its components are all selected to meet specific customer needs.

The other components in the system are the air compressor used to fill a compressed air tank which upon detection of clogged intake Polyhedra will automatically open and back flush the Polyhedra’s surface area. Due to the low intake velocity, normal water current will help remove the flushed particles away from the intake area and normal operation can continue.

The system includes a control unit which provides the customer with a combination of automatic or semi-automatic operation, or just warning signals to connect to the customer’s own DCS for due measures to be taken.

Advantages for you as customer – and the environement!

  • Considerably lower particle load on the cooling water system’s down stream components
  • The filtrate is returned to the water way without need for disposal. What natures give – it gets back!
  • No manual need for emptying of course filters and/or cleaning of coarse bars
  • Eliminated requirement for waste disposal provides lower operation cost
  • Large environmental advantages also due to elimination of waste transport and/or incineration, plus minimal disturbance and decreased risk for fish and other wild life to be sucked in
  • Very low maintenance costs, only normal periodic maintenance on the air compressor required
  • High operational reliability and avilability

Contact our knoledgeable sales personell today, and we will be happy to send you a questionnaire to fill in to start the process of providing you with a technical and commercial offer. For this type of system, it is strongly advised that we get the chance to visit the site at an early stage in order to present you with the best solution.

Multi stage skip rake system

With this alternative, see system pictures below, the system starts with a simple coarse bar with one or more bars set a distance apart with smaller and smaller distance between the bars. The different bars can be equipped with more or less mkotorized and automatic functionsdepending on available budget and requirements. everything from manually cleaned up to fully automaized systems with automatic emptying into containers are possible and available.

You can read more about both the above systems in the brochures under “documents” in the right hand column.

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