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Cooling Water Filters from Taprogge

To protect the inner parts of a cooling water system, such as feed pumps, heat exchangers, condensers and other equipment from getting clogged and/or damaged one can install various types of filters. The models provided by Taprogge are all automatically back flushed during operation without need for stopping the system, or need for manual handling.

The filtrate and particles which are separated are automatically returned to the original water source thus eliminating the need for transport to waste disposal. These automatic back flush filters are part of our partner Taprogge’s “IN-TA-CT” system, short for Integrated Taprogge Concept.

PR-BW = ”Pressure Relief Back Wash”

This filter type uses the principle of a rotating arm which covers parts of the filter perforation area. Since the outlet of this arm, which has a pipe in its centre, is connected to an outlet down stream of the protected units outlet a pressure drop is created causing a reverse suction which removes the particles stuck to the filter surface by utilizing a minimum of the total water flow.

The rotating arm’s motion can be controlled either through periodic tming and/or with an integrated differential pressure measuring system. A typical cleaning cycle during normal debrios loads, of for example a PR-BW 800 unit (see video) only takes approx. 10-20 sekunder and during this limited time only uses approx. 3-4% of the total cooling water flow. How often the cleaning cycles are required of course depend on the customer’s plant/site conditions and will vary depending on chosen filter type, size and model from case to case.

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Customized and with wide range of sizes

With our different types and models of filters, we provide good protection for pumps, tube heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers as well as the full piping of the cooling water system from as much as possible of silt and particles as well as organisms such as mussels, sea weed and other type of marine wild life.

Different sizes and types of perforations and available filter models give us the ability to chose the best solution to meet our customer’s needs for filtration.

Since Taprogge have been the world leader in this area since the 1950’s, their ability within documentation and meeting very special quality approval procedures is very advanced. They are used to the demands from the simplest of applications up to the very highest standards of for example nuclear power plants.

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