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Air Coolers / Evaporators

These products are most often used for cooling various spaces, for commercial and industrial cooling, in e.g. refrigerators & freezers large and small, air conditioning of various different spaces and in store environments, etc.

They go under several different names such as fan air coolers, evaporators, cooling batteries, air handlers, low temperature air handlers, cold room coolers, cold room interior, AC interior, etc.

Available in many different model variations to cover many different needs. Can be used with various refrigerants such as glycol mixtures, salt solutions, synthetic gases as well as CO2 and ammonia, etc., and is available in versions with electric defrost as well as with defrost with hot gas.

With 50 years of experience in the market and with deliveries to more than 50 different countries, Stefani is an excellent partner for us and our customers in this product area.

A consistent philosophy for the entire product range is PERFORMANCE and ROBUST, which for us means QUALITY.

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BOREA – commercial cube air cooler

The first project developed according to Stefanis’ new philosophy. The company redesigned its heat exchangers for maximum efficiency and thermodynamic performance. There are 192 models and lots of accessories in the range, including water defrost for the largest commercial sizes.

DT 8k 1-60 kW

BREEZE – angled air cooler

The new angled air cooler for commercial cooling, especially for small cold rooms.

DT 8k 0,8-10kW

MAESTRO– with double emissions

The most recently developed unit for industrial cooling of slightly larger cooling spaces.

5 lamella distances: 4 – 12 mm
2 fan sizes: 500/630 mm

DT 8k 20 – 120 kW

GRECALE – industrial cube air cooler

GRECALE was created with different types of industrial cooling applications in mind. Thanks to a very wide range, GRECALE meets the needs of installers who need maximum technical and economic competitiveness. The new series has uncompromising structural quality and a high-performance replacement core, it is rich in configurations and accessories and has been optimized to increase the space for goods in the cold store. For consumption efficiency, there is a version with hot gas defrost, even for low temperature cold stores.

DT 8k 11-205 kW

ZEFIRO – air cooler with double outflow

ZEFIRO is the new air cooler with double emissions, for cooling environments and especially for cooling rooms or environments that require double air flow.

DT 8k 1-55 kW


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