Our deliveries are first class with a main focus on modern technical solutions since 1912.

CAMpreq AB was founded in the summer of 2018, which through a chrome procedure took over the technical sales operations from C.A. Mörck AB. The company is owned and operated by two of the former employees of C.A. Dark.

The new name sheds light on our connection to our history and what we are doing – CAM (örck) Process Equipment. The logo connects between the old in clear blue and the new in dark blue, and also symbolizes temperature differences, which many of our products work with. The color enhancement in the right part of the symbol also forms a “p”, the beginning of the new aftertext, where the logo previously represented a “C” an “A” and an “M” if you use your imagination as the designer had originally intended.

For more than 100 years, our know-how and our products in heating, cooling and process technology have been appreciated by our customers who are in virtually all types of operations – from nuclear and combined heat and power plants, paper and pulp mills, chemical and petrochemical industries, to manufacturing industries and the steel and mining industries.

Through our broad system knowledge, our ability for problem analysis, design experience and component knowledge, we find in collaboration with our customers and partners optimal solutions.


CAMpreq originates from C. A. Mörck AB which was founded in 1912 by Carl-Adolf Mörck. After 106 years of technical sales operations, C.A. Mörck’s board in 2018 to focus on its property ownership. The technical sales were then taken over in full by two employees who started up under the new name CAMpreq AB with its registered office in Gothenburg and the same premises as before.

C.A. Mörck remains and is still owned and operated by the Mörck family in the 3rd and 4th generations. But now with other activities, i.a. as property owners of Datavägen 23 in Askim where CAMpreq, KSB Sweden and Pumphuset are as their tenants.


CAMpreq must be the customer’s natural choice for solving needs in heating, cooling and process technology.

Business concept

CAMpreq delivers energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technology to Nordic industry. Our long-term customer relationships are characterized by professional treatment with a positive and quick response.

Quality policy

We are a long-term partner with high competence and experience. Our business is characterized by commitment, development and continuous improvement.
We choose suppliers (principals) with experience and good references so that we can ensure the right quality of deliveries to our customers.
Our quotes contain well-substantiated material, based on industry knowledge and the customer’s specific wishes.
Delivery of products takes place in the agreed manner and time. The delivered products follow all parties’ established and approved specifications and requirements.

ISO Certificate

We have been certified since 1998 according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and work continuously to improve our business system to guarantee good customer satisfaction and sustainable business.

Environmental policy

Based on legislation and other requirements, we must contribute to protecting our environment and that the use of our natural resources is as sparse as possible. We achieve this by offering our customers environmentally friendly and energy-optimized products and system solutions. The work with continuous improvements and the setting of goals contributes to increasing the competence around the products and environmental issues internally and externally. Through our advisory role, we will clarify to our customers what environmental benefits they can achieve in their processes through the use of the products that CAMpreq offers.

Achilles Qualified

CAMpreq are qualified according to Achilles’ pre-qualification system, which for you as a customer provides extra security that we meet the quality assurance that can be expected of us when you do business with us. Click on the logo for the complete certificate.

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