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Dry Coolers & Condensers

With our dry coolers from Stefani the ambient air is used to cool or condensate the cooling media in question.

The product range includes V-shaped, horisontal and vertical models which in the different V-shape executions also can be equipped with several different types of adiabatic options.

With 50 year’s experience on the market and with installations in more than 50 different countries, Stefani is an excellent partner for us and our clients within the product range of dry coolers and condensers.

Their focus areas are PERFORMANCE and SOLIDITY which form the basis of all of their supplies.

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OSTRO – V-type with dual fan rows

Available in three different executions for both dry cooling and condensation of cooling media.

  • Dry cooling
  • Adiabatic spraying function
  • Adiabatic “PAD” (contained pre-wetting system, see picture below)

ZONDA – V-type with single fan row

Available in three different executions for both dry cooling and condensation of cooling media.

  • Dry cooling
  • Adiabatic spraying function
  • Adiabatic ”PAD” (contained pre-wetting system)

SCIROCCO – horisontell eller vertikal

Our simplest design of dry cooler which can be supplied standing up or lying down, also called “table type”. Can be supplied both as dry cooler or condenser.

Corporate video with Stefani Spa.

50 years experience and with deliveries to more than 50 countries.

Good environmental choice – dry coolers:

Good environmental choice often goes hand in hand with the end users’ goal, namely to find a long-term cost-effective solution with good quality for a long lifespan, at a reasonable price and low operating costs.

In the refrigerant cooling context, sound-absorbing measures are also often associated with lower energy consumption, which gives a double positive sustainability effect.

So if there is room for a higher investment cost in the initial stage, we can work with you to tailor a technical solution that pays for itself in a relatively short time in the form of lower operating and maintenance costs. Which in the long run means great benefits for our environment and the outside world as well as direct ownership interests.

Low energy consumption:

Aerodynamics is the thing about keeping energy consumption down, i.e drawing air through the cooling packages as easily as possible. Therefore, size is important, where the smallest possible cooler (investment) requires more energy to draw the same amount of air through the machine than if you can imagine a slightly larger cooler (investment) and focus on low operating costs from the beginning of the project.

Adiabatic dry cooler with some, but low, water consumption:

Sometimes a completely dry air cooler is not enough to reach the coolant temperature you want for the process. If you then do not want an evaporative cooling tower alternative (closed, or open), e.g. due to the availability / cost of water or fear of bacterial growth, an adiabatic refrigerant cooler may be a possible alternative.

In this situation, we can help you with a solution that partly saves water, but also works with a high cooling effect. The PAD system combines these properties in comparison to a completely dry refrigerant cooler or an evaporative cooling tower.

  • Low water consumption, which is only operating when it is the hottest.
  • High cooling effect in terms of surface area

This can also be a good environmental choice in other words depending on who is asking and the local conditions.

As I said, there are many benefits to discussing these issues directly with us at CAMpreq. It is important to analyze the core values of each project and which values are most important.

We owe it to our future generations to focus on these issues whenever possible, and we hope you will do the same with us at CAMpreq.

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