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System for cleaning of tube heat exchangers and condensers

Fouling in water cooling circuits are not only caused by debris and silt (macro fouling), but also by organic and mineral deposits (micro fouling) inside the plant’s heat exchangers.

When your system is equipped with tube type condensers and/or tube heat exchangers, these deposits can effectively be removed through means of a Tube Cleaning System, also commonly called Taprogge system since this has been the world leading standard for many decades.

Soft sponge rubber balls, which have a slight over dimension compared to the inner tube diameter, are inserted into the water flow just before the condenser/tube heat exchanger and with the help of flow and pressure drop pressed through the tubes removing deposits before they have time to start building inside causing fouling and such related bi-effects and problems.

This is done continuously and during normal operation thereby maintaining maximum heat exchange through the tube walls at all times.

Do you want to know more about tube cleaning systems?

Peter Sundbaum

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To provide you with a suggestion for a tube cleaning system best suited for your application, we will need to know the following:

  • cooling water flow (min/design/max)
  • number of passes inside the heat exchanger/condenser
  • number of tubes per pass
  • inner diameter of the tubes (Note! if there are several different diameters in the same unit, we must know all dimensions)
  • tube length
  • tube material
  • inlet and outlet pipe connections (tube side)
  • if available – a layout description or drawing showing upstream/downstream conditions

We also have a more detailed questionnaire available upon request.

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