Spare parts & consumables

We help our customers with their needs for spare parts, tube cleaning balls and other consumables in heating, cooling and process technical equipment. Mainly for the brands we represent, but also, where applicable, for other brands.

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Johan Stangvik

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Spare parts

Do you need spare parts for any of our products?

Do you need single or complete packages with plates and gaskets for your SPX APV plate heat exchanger?

Do you need spare parts for a cooling tower supplied by another brand (other than MITA)?

Some parts are stocked by our product partners at their various facilities in Europe, otherwise with a certain delivery time. We recommend and recommend our customers to stock any key components themselves if the operation of the equipment is critical to the business.

In the cooling tower product area, we can also offer certain parts to brands other than our own partner MITA. Many components are the same regardless of cooling tower manufacturer. Eg cooling gaskets, water spray nozzles and drip separators (also called operation eliminators in English).

If help to disassemble / reassemble equipment is required, this is usually provided by the original manufacturer’s service organizations. You can read more about it under Services.

If you have any questions, just get in touch!

Tube cleaning balls – consumables

Do you own tube cleaning equipment from our partner Taprogge?

Do you own tube cleaning equipment from another brand?

Do you have tubes with an inner diameter between 12 and 42 mm that need to be cleaned manually at some point in the year?

Did you know that the tube training balls should be replaced with a minimum interval of 4-5 weeks?
And that the main material in the balls, ie raw rubber, starts to age as soon as it comes in contact with water?

Over the years, Taprogge has created more than 8000 (!) Different types and sizes of tube training balls. Mainly for use in their own developed tube cleaning system, but also works excellently for other brands and certain special applications in, for example, the paint industry.

Choosing the right type of ball can be very simple in some applications, but it may also require a period of tuning, testing and proper evaluation to optimize the operation and maximize the energy savings that the correct use of the systems provides.

You can read more about the tube training balls in the brochure you will find in the right-hand column. On page 4 there are e.g. the code designations used by Taprogge that describe the type of bullet selected.

We have represented Taprogge in Sweden since the 1970s, whose product range also includes various types of filter systems and cooling water intake systems.

If you have any questions call us for more help!

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