In addition to our equipment product range, we also help solve various other needs with our services within heating, cooling and process technology.

Service and maintenance are offered mostly from our partners’ own service organisations, although coordinated and administered through us.

Technical investigations and consultancy services is offered both with our own personnel and external consultants when required.

Installation and start-up services can be offerred through our wide network of contacts and cooperation with various local Swedish partners.

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Service and maintenance

  • Do you own equipment supplied by us? (and/or C.A. Mörck)
  • Do you own equipment from one of our quipment manufacturing partners supplied by someone else in the past? For example through a larger project, and or through international system builder?
  • Do you own a plate heat exchanger from SPX APV or another brand?
  • Do you own a cooling tower or condenser unit from MITA?
  • Do you have a jet pump vacuum system causing you trouble?

The service provided for service and maintenance of supplied equipment is mainly handled by our partners’ own service organisations from the countries in which they reside. The contact is handled through us where we help with coordination, administration and possible required safety educations for work on customer’s site, such as SSG Entré or equivelent.

For plate heat exchangers we apart from service on site also can provide repairs, maintenance and change of plates etc at SPX APV’s own work shop in Kolding, Denmark. Of course also for SPX APV‘s own product range but also freqyenty for other brands where SPX have several frames and pressure plates to enable pressure testing after service and reassembly of complete plate packs.

For simpler and more general maintenance requirements, for example shaft alignment, pump maintenance and more, we can provide more local contacts through various servicepartners in different parts of Sweden.

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Technical investigations, sub consultancy services

  • Are you a consultant yourself, but need some expertise help with our product ranges and specialist areas?
  • Are you having a hard time figuring out the actual technical requirements of the application at hand?
  • Do you need to perform a deeper system analysis or problem solving within our special competences?
  • Not quite familiar with the technology and possiblities that some of our products offer?
  • Would you like to determine how much energy our technology could provide compared to other available technologies?

Of course, we many times provide you with technical suggestions and offers/budgetary offers without charge when all required input is readily available.

But in case of the need for larger investigations, clarifications and/or comparisons of many different operation conditions we will provide these services at a reasonable hourly fee.

If the purchase of involved components later is awarded to CAMpreq, we will apply a considerable discount on the consultancy costs deductable from the equipment cost in the manner most favorable to our client.

We will be happy to help you with the investigation work within our areas of expertise as consultants or sub consultants.

Installation & start-up

  • Do you need help to assemble and start-up your new equipment?
  • Do you need help to disassemble and dispose of old equipment in a correct and environmental friendly manner?
  • Do you need help to design and install new sub frame work for site adaption for the new equipment, and provide it with good and safe future service access?
  • Do you need help with new customized piping, electric installation, control, programming and start-up?

We can help with everything from the simplest requirement up to full building contracting with the help of different partners throughout Sweden. If you want us to take full responsibility, we have adequate insurance policies in place which can be increased if required due to your company policies and regulations for working on your site.

Or if preferred, we will hand over this full responsibility to the installtion partner and act as their sub supplier, whatever is most technical and commercially benificial for the total project.