We are professionals in our professional role and when you come into contact with CAMpreq, you can be confident that you will be treated with quality, clarity and important advice. We have over 100 years of experience in energy saving and know what we are talking about.

In addition to the product range that CAMpreq markets, we also solve our customers’ needs with various services in heating, cooling and process technology.

Service och underhåll erbjuds mestadels från våra produktpartners egna serviceorganisationer, och

Service and maintenance are mostly offered from our product partners’ own service organizations, and are administered through us.
We offer technical investigation and sub-consulting services with our own staff and various external specialists depending on needs.
Services in installation and contracting are offered through our good contacts and collaborations with various local Swedish partners around Sweden.

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Johan Stangvik

+46- 31 36 36 128

Technical investigation
sub-consulting services

We assist with advice and help you in our product areas and perform in-depth system analyzes and troubleshooting. We are happy to help with the investigation work in the areas in which we operate as a consultant or sub-consultant.

Of course, we provide a first technical proposal and quote / budget quote at no cost as all the necessary input is available.

In the event of a greater need for investigation, clarification and / or comparisons of several different operational cases, we also offer our services at a reasonable price.

If the purchases of the components involved are then made by us, we make a generous deduction on the cost of the consulting services in a way that is favorable to the customer.

We are happy to help with the investigation work in the areas in which we operate as a consultant or sub-consultant.

Are you a consultant yourself and need help with something in our product areas?

Difficult to find out what conditions exist in the business today?

Do you need to do an in-depth system analysis or troubleshooting within our areas of expertise?

Not really familiar with the products we offer?

Are you wondering how much energy savings our technology can provide in comparison with other technology?

Service and maintenance

We offer service on all equipment sold, either through our partners’ service organizations or through us. We assist with coordination and administration of necessary safety training.

The services offered for service and maintenance of sold equipment are mainly handled by our partners’ service organizations from the countries in which they operate. The contact takes place with us where we help with coordination, administration of any necessary safety training for work on the customer’s site, eg SSG Entré m.m.

For plate heat exchangers, in addition to on-site service, we can also offer to have plates and gaskets serviced / replaced at SPX APV’s service facility in Kolding, Denmark. Of course for SPX APV’s own range but also common for other brands where SPX has several frames from other brands that enable pressure testing after service / reassembly of complete plate packages.

For simpler general maintenance, such as alignment controls, pump service, etc., we can offer more local contacts with the help of various partners in Sweden.

Call us today and we will help you with your needs!

Do you own equipment delivered by us?

Do you own equipment from any of our partners that has been delivered through someone else before? For example, as part of a larger project.

Do you own a plate heat exchanger from SPX APV or another brand?

Do you own a cooling tower from MITA?

Do you have a problem with an ejector-vacuum system?

Installation & contracting

With the help of our partners, we can offer help with all types of installations of your new equipment. We can take care of your old material and deposit it in an environmentally friendly way. We take on everything from small tasks to full contracting with overall responsibility.

Do you want help assembling your new equipment?

Do you want help to tear down the old and deposit the material in a correct and environmentally friendly way?

Do you want help with a new adaptation forge to fit in place and provide good and secure service access?

Do you want help with custom piping, electrical installation, control and commissioning?

In short, we can help with everything from simple tasks to full contracting with the help of our various partners we have around Sweden. If you want us to take overall responsibility, there are relevant insurances in place that can also be extended if you have special group rules for contractor work on your site.

Or we can collaborate with one of the local partners you have to facilitate the work for them and minimize your total cost of the project.

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