Cooling Towers / Condensers

Provides a simple and sustainable solution for many different cooling requirements. We are specialists in the area and can supply units from appr. 20 kW up to 30 MW per cell.

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Dry Coolers / Condensers

Dry coolers and gas condensers with high performance combined with a robust quality.

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Air coolers / Evaporators

Mostly used for cooling of various spaces within commercial and industrial refrigeration applications.

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Plate Heat Exchangers

The plate heat exchanger’s design provides a high thermal exchange surface area considering it’s physical size. Many different types, materials and gaskets available for small to very high flow requirements.

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Tube Heat Exchangers / Condensers / Evaporators

We market different types of tube heat exchangers from different suppliers to solve a variety of industrial applications. You tell us what you need, and we will select the most suitable supplier.

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Cooling Water Intake Systems

For applications taking cooling water from different natural water sources such as rivers, lakes or seas, we have various types intake systems to minimize the debris load and protect equipment down stream.

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Backwash Filter Systems

We have various sizes and types of automatic backwash filter systems to protect heat exchangers and other equipment from damage and clogging. Can also be used as cooling water intake filters.

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Tube Cleaning Systems

Clogging and corrosion isn’t just caused by larger particles (macro fouling) that can be filtered, but also by different types of mineral and organic layers(micro fouling) in the tubes of your heat exchanger. With tube cleaning systems the required thermal transfer is kept fully available continuously.

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Silencers and noise protection

We will help you with your needs for silencing equipment such as steam blow off silencers, industrial ventilations outlets, chimney stacks, gas turbines and more.

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