Cooling Tower to the automotive industry

One of our industrioal clients in the county of Södermanland this autumn has installed a cooling tower of model MITA PME 3604 E K19 Silent. The project replaces an older unit, and with the system design and cooling requirements updated. CAMpreq have been present with reagrds to the cooling tower design ever since the first customer visit in November 2017 at which time the new system design and thoughts were only present as a rough sketch on a whiteboard. Here are a few describing words from the customer’s project manager after some time with the new unit in operation: It has

Cooling Tower No. 100 & 101 delivered!

CAMpreq this week have delivered their 100:th MITA Cooling Tower to Swedish customers since the start of cooperation with MITA in 2008! Also unit No. 101 was delivered, both units of model MITA PME 5704 E CW. The project was started to analyze the change of two cooling towers whos operational life time was coming to an end where the first contacts were made in 2017. In close cooperation with Nynas project group in Gothenburg we design a solution with improved cooling capacity compared to the old units. This was done by maximizing the use of the existing cooling water

Two Cooling Towers to Steel Foundry

We are glad to recently have shipped two evaporative cooling towers to a steel foundry in the county of Värmland, Sweden. The units will replace two older units being replaced after a larger fire accident at the factory earlier this year. The project is a clear example of how CAMpreq can take on a requirement even when clear input data is not available from an old plant and equipment not supplied by us originally. With the help of on site visit, we among other things checked measurements, construction details and cooling pack type of the old units. And with this we could

Cooling Tower Replacement Marieberg

During autumn 2019 CAMpreq,in cooperation with Radiator, replaced two cooling towers which had lived their life time. The plant is owned and operated by E.on in Örebro (central Sweden), where the cooling towers cool three cooling machines that provide district cooling to the nearby industrial area and shopping centre Marieberg. The two new cooling towers of model MITA PME 7204, each with 3,4 MW cooling capacity at design point at a cooling water flow of 415 m3/h and has two motor/fan groups (cells) per unit. Both units are specially adapted to existing site conditions for example with the positions of service hatches

Four cooling towers in operation at Fors Mill

Stora Enso in Fors have now completed the test run period of four large PME 7204 Super Silent evaporative cooling towers at their waste water treatment plant. And so far, the equipment has done their job well according to Stora Ensos Project Manager. The installation and start up was performed earlier this spring although some of the work surrounding the units needed further completion. Now the fixed protective railings have been put in place as well as the special fire protection walls. The project is a typical example where we have acted as technical advisors with site specific customization for best solution.

MITA Days – Sales Conference

On 23-25 September MITA Cooling Technologies held their “MITA Days” sales conference with their European sales representatives in Siziano just south of Milano. Participants from 10 countries gathered at MITA’s headquarters to get to know each other, hear about the latest news and together perform some joint excersizes to identify areas of joint improvements for the future. Among other things, we can present the new product PME Silent Plus. The PME-model is the type most popular and commonly used amongst MITA’s product range in Sweden with its very simple design, set-up and with minimal requirement for maintenance. In the new PME-version Silent Plus,

Four large cooling towers delivered

Close to two years after first site visit and meeting with this client, we have recently delivered four large PME 7204 Super Silent Cooling Towers to a pulp & paper mill in the middle of Sweden. The customer has prepared a completely new building for positioning of the cooling towers on top of it, with a common cooling water tank inside on the level below. In the same building, the heat exchange towards the process itself is contained. Due to the nature of the process cooling water, client has decided to use and heat exchanger in between to avoid the risk
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