Two Cooling Towers to Steel Foundry

Hem Two Cooling Towers to Steel Foundry

We are glad to recently have shipped two evaporative cooling towers to a steel foundry in the county of Värmland, Sweden. The units will replace two older units being replaced after a larger fire accident at the factory earlier this year.

The project is a clear example of how CAMpreq can take on a requirement even when clear input data is not available from an old plant and equipment not supplied by us originally.

With the help of on site visit, we among other things checked measurements, construction details and cooling pack type of the old units. And with this we could offer a solution with new units that we with great confidence know will have at least as good cooling capacity as the old units.

This was done based on long experience, careful calculations and thorough communication and information exchange with both the customer’s project consultant and our partner MITA’s product specialists.

The two new cooling towers are of model MITA PME 3104 each with 2,5 MW cooling capacity at design point, a cooling water flow of 110 m3/h and each unit equipped with one direct coupled fan/motor with 7,5 kW installed power and with permanently greased bearing.

You can read more about our cooling towers from MITAhere:, and if you want to know more call us or mail us today!

Pictures taken during loading at factory in Siziano just south of Milan, Italy
(photo: Marco Giacinto & Giada Soldati)

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