Four large cooling towers delivered

Hem Four large cooling towers delivered

Close to two years after first site visit and meeting with this client, we have recently delivered four large PME 7204 Super Silent Cooling Towers to a pulp & paper mill in the middle of Sweden.

The customer has prepared a completely new building for positioning of the cooling towers on top of it, with a common cooling water tank inside on the level below. In the same building, the heat exchange towards the process itself is contained. Due to the nature of the process cooling water, client has decided to use and heat exchanger in between to avoid the risk for biological growth and its related hazards.

Installation and start-up with be conducted within the next few weeks after which a test operation period will commence.

Below you will find some pictures from the loading procedure at our partner MITA’s facilities in Siziano just south of Milano. And some pictures from the off-loading procedure on site. The four cooling towers were transported through means of intermodal truck transport, meaning that the five MEGA-trailers were transported trhough means of truck, railway, boat and finally by truck again to site.

You can read more about our evaporative cooling towers here, and if you want to learn more call us or send an e-mail today!



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