Two blow off silencers

Our repeat customers KSB Sweden today loaded two blow off silencers that we supplied to them for a project to an energy production company in Western Sweden. The delivery consists of two units that will bring down the noise from steam outlet to below 50 dBA at 250 m straight out form the outlet. The smaller units has one inlet handling approx 27 tons/h, and the other one has two different inlets to the same silencer handling approx 31 respective 11 ton/h both individually and simultaneously. The units will work together wiht KSB’s safety valves in the project as part of a

Large silencer delivered

In May we supplied a two stage steam blow off silencer of ”splitter type” with special transport from factory in Germany to the end customer, a paper mill on the Swedish northwestern coast. The unit weighs in at 5 tons with measuring an impressive 4 m length and 2,7 m diameter. The silencer decreases the soundlevel of overheated high pressure 64 bar steam from 170 dBA Lb at the relief valve down to 90 dBA at 20 degree’s angle 10 m out from the silencer outlet. Huge thanks to our nice and reliable logistics partners Silent Transport in Varberg, Sweden who in

Contract for seven silencers, paper industry

We are pleased to have secured a new contract for BBM’s very popular silencers to a customer within the paper industry in the south west of Sweden. Exempelbild från annan leverans The project includes seven different positions for ventilation, aeration and blow off where the authoroties’ demands have increased when the plant has grown and habitation comes closer. The customer have purchased silencers from us before, and we are very pleased for this repeat trust. The units will handle flows ranging from 2 to 30 tons/hr, inlet diameters from DN 150 to DN 400 and the largest unit has a casing diameter of 1,2
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