Large silencer delivered

Hem Large silencer delivered

In May we supplied a two stage steam blow off silencer of ”splitter type” with special transport from factory in Germany to the end customer, a paper mill on the Swedish northwestern coast.

The unit weighs in at 5 tons with measuring an impressive 4 m length and 2,7 m diameter. The silencer decreases the soundlevel of overheated high pressure 64 bar steam from 170 dBA Lb at the relief valve down to 90 dBA at 20 degree’s angle 10 m out from the silencer outlet.

Huge thanks to our nice and reliable logistics partners Silent Transport in Varberg, Sweden who in cooperation with Lindeberg Spedition solved the special freight just as good and smoothly as usual.

You can read more about our silencers here, and if you want to know more, call or e-mail us today!

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