Cooling Tower No. 100 & 101 delivered!

Hem Cooling Tower No. 100 & 101 delivered!

CAMpreq this week have delivered their 100:th MITA Cooling Tower to Swedish customers since the start of cooperation with MITA in 2008! Also unit No. 101 was delivered, both units of model MITA PME 5704 E CW.

The project was started to analyze the change of two cooling towers whos operational life time was coming to an end where the first contacts were made in 2017. In close cooperation with Nynas project group in Gothenburg we design a solution with improved cooling capacity compared to the old units. This was done by maximizing the use of the existing cooling water collection basin and its size where the new cooling towers will co-exist and operate with two more cooling towers still in place. The cooling towers are delivered without integreated basins or air inlet frames, and will be placed directly onto a sub steel frame where the cooling towers will “rain” directly into the existing cooling water basin.

On this day of honour we brought a typcial Italian pastry – Panettone – to celebrate with, after which a certificate for Cooling Tower No. 100 was handed over.

We thank Nynas for good cooperation and look forward to finally getting to see the vision and cooling towers in operation during 2022.

Read more about our cooling towers here. If you want to know more, call us today!

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