Hybrid heat exchanger started up

Hem Hybrid heat exchanger started up

In the beginning of 2018 our client took their SPX APV Hybrid S4 Plate Heat exchanger into operation. The delivery was done as early as summer of 2017 to a power plant on the Swedish east coast.

The application is for ehating of bio-oil (220 kW, 76 tons/hr) which is to be pumped through approx. 200 m pipes from the storage tank to the incineration boiler.

APV’s fully welded plate heat exchanger which they call their ”Hybrid” model in effect looks like a tube heat exchanger on one side with up to 7 mm ”diameter” and with a more traditional corrugated shape/design on the other side.

In this application, the high viscous fluid goes through the tube side, whereas the other side has a water/glycol based system (65 tons/hr) which in turn gets its heat from a district heating circuit (19 tons/hr) through a “normal” plate heat exchanger supplied at the same time, being a SPX APV Orion 034 with Energy Saver plates. All media touched parts are in stainless steel AISI 316L material.

The system has now been in operation for several months, and the customer has upon follow up with visit on site confirmed fulfilment of the expected functionality and are happy overall with our delivery and documentation.

An alternative application area for this hybrid model is where you have a very dirty side which is difficult to keep clean by ordinary mneans of CIP etc. The hybrid unit can very easily be opened up on site and efficiently cleaned by means of a high pressure cleaner for quick maintenance without need for time consuming disassembly, bringing to work shop etc which would be the case with a normal plate heat exchanger.

You can read more about our products from SPX APV here and the brochure for the hybrid model is available  here.

The customer is more than willing to act as reference for the products supplied and our delivery performance, if interested please contact our responsible sales person Johan for more information!

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