2 Blow of silencers delivered to Arctic Paper AB

Hem 2 Blow of silencers delivered to Arctic Paper AB

During week 50, we delivered two large blow of silencers to Arctic Paper in Munkedal.

We received the order from our customer Lajs Sweden AB, who is active in valve service. They handled parts of the project that included pressure relief and additively loaded safety valves where our silencer played an important part.

The silencers are of two different types, one of which is a 2-1 silencer that handles two connections and the other one is more of a classic model, this due to space restrictions.

Both silencers were 3 meters high and capable of a steam flow of more than 30 tons/h and connection. The sound requirements were set to >75 db(A) @1 meter.

The owner of Lajs Sweden AB, Fredrik Johansson says about CAMpreq:”As a supplier, you have been helpful and thorough. You have a very professional behavior and the delivery went smoothly.

 You can read more about our silencers here: of silencers

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