Filter Replacement at Power Plant

Hem Filter Replacement at Power Plant

After 34 years of operation, we last spring changed a debris filter unit model Taprogge PR-BW 400 to a newer unit with improved design of model Taprogge PR-BW 800. The filter is installerad in a power plant on the Swedish east coast and has been in operation since may.

Taprogge’s model name PR-BW is short for Pressure Relief Back Wash, where a rotating arm attached to an outlet in the centre covers the filter surface. The outlet which is connected down stream of the heat exchanger to be protected, thus creates a pressure drop which automatically sucks off the filter surface with the help of a small partial flow from the filtered water from below.


The filter is designed for sea water intake from the Baltic Sea with a normal flow of approximately 3000 m3/h, but can handle up to as much as 8000 m3/h if required. Inlet and outlet flanges DN 1000 total lenth etc. is customized to fit the already existing flange connections. In the supply is also included an automatic differential pressure measuring system, however the client have chosen themselves to handle the controls with their own control cabinet and connection to their DCS which otherwise normally is included by Taprogge.

You can read more anout our filter systems from Taprogge here, and if you want to learn more please call or mail us today!

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