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We help our clients with their needs for spare parts, tube cleaning balls and other consumables within heating, cooling and process technology. Mainly for the product range that we represent, but in certain cases we can also provide spares for other brands.

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Spare parts

  • Do you need spare parts for products from our product range?
  • Do you need spare plates and gaskets or complete plate packs for your SPX APV plate heat exchanger?
  • Do you need spare parts for a cooling tower (also other than our MITA brand) and don’t know where to turn?

Many parts are kept in stock at our partner’s different plants in Europe, others with a certain delivery time. We strongly recommend our customers to keep key components in stock if the equipment is critical for their day to day operations.

Within the product area plate heat exchangers, we can both service and provide spare plates and plate packs also for competing brands through our partner SPX APV’s service facility in Kolding, Denmark.

And within the product area cooling towers, we can provide some parts – mainly cooling packs (inserts, fillings, there are many names to this item), spray nozzles and drift eliminators – also for competing brands of cooling towers.

If you also need help in disassembling/reassembling the parts, please read more about our services here.

If you have any questions – just give us a call!

Tube cleaning balls – consumables

  • Do you own or operate tube cleaning systems from our partner Taprogge?
  • Do you own or operate tube cleaning systems from another brand?
  • Do you have heat exchangers or condensers with inner tube diameters ranging from 12 to 42 mm that need to be cleaned chemically or manually once or more every year?

Call us and we will help you.

Do you know that the tube cleaning balls are supposed to be changed – all of them – at an interval of a MINIMUM of 4-5 weeks?

The main content of the cleaning balls is natural rubber which starts aging as soon as it comes in contact with water. And the balls wear down after time depending on the roughness of your other system parts. Depending on the possible ball overdimension of your application variables, we also have clients who are required to change the cleaning balls every 1-2 weeks.

If you are experiencing issues with “lost” cleaning balls, decreased efficiency in your system, or other issues please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts from Taprogge are very experienced and willing to help get your system back to 100% heat exchange efficiency.

Taprogge have through the years designed and manufactured more than 8000 (!) different types and sizes of tube cleaning balls. Mainly for use in their own tube cleaning systems, but also fully possible to use in competing systems and for special manual applications.

Choosing the right type of cleaning ball in certain cases can be very simple, but can also require fine tuning, thorough testing and evaluation to optimize operations and maximize energy savings which the correct use of the systems will provide.

Offset or changed operation parameters can also call for a re-evaluation of the optimal cleaning ball choice.

You can read more about the cleaning balls in its dedicated brochure. In page 4 you will find the code key that we use to describe the chosen cleaning ball.

We have represented Taprogge in Sweden since the 1970’s, and their product range also consists of different types of filter and water intake systems.

If you have any questions, just give us a call!