Dry Coolers

With our dry coolers from Stefani the ambient air is used to cool or condensate the cooling media in question.

Plate heat exchangers

Gasket type, brazed, semi-welded and fully welded versions in many different models and sizes. Also an unique “Hybrid” cooler simplifying cleaning with for example high pressure washer.

Air Coolers / Evaporators

For commercial and industrial cooling in e.g. refrigerators & freezers large and small, air conditioning of various different spaces and in store environments, etc.

Tube Heat Exchangers

Several different types such as tube heat exchangers, tube condensers and air pre-heaters from different manufacturers to solve a large variety of industrial applications.

Tube cleaning systems

Keeps clean inside tube heat exchangers and kondensers by circulating rubber balls which are pressed through the tubes by the water flow thus removing solids and deposits consinuously. Eliminates consequential damages such as corrosion, pitting and leakages between the chambers.

Cooling Water Intakes

Unique method of corse filtering of cooling water taken direct from creeks, rivers, lakes and seas. Protects feed pumps and other equipment and decreases the solids load in the whole cooling system.

Cooling Water Filters

Automatic backwash filters for filtration of particles with filter finess ranging from 9 mm down to approximately 200 µm. Mussels, jelly fish, seaweed etc. No problem is too hard to solve.

Blow Off Silencers

Multi stage units customized to application, our blow off silencers are available for low pressure to high pressure steam and other gases. We also have other types of silencers for fans, compressors and more.
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