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We solve your needs within

cooling, heating and process technology!

CAMpreq AB, previously known as C.A. Mörck AB (see “Company” for more info), supply systems, single components and services within thermal exchange, filterring and silencing equipment from idea up to turn key ready. Through close cooperation with leading international manufacturers, we have access to the latest technology and specialist competences required to provide the optimal solutions for our clients.

Wide Product Range from World Leading Manufacturers

Environmental advantages = money to save!

We are pleased that most of our products in themselves have characteristics which are positive from a sustainability viewpoint.

In addition, several of our products have further options which are positive for the environment.

For our customers, this can sometimes mean a higher initial investment to get the environmental advantages straight away. And over time also provides direct economical value and savings compared to the lowest investment cost. We can help visualize these issues with our Life Cycle Cost calculations (LCC) to simplify the decision process.

Our knowledge is our strength

Our wide product range includes a number of market leading manufacturers from different countries.

All of our partners are carefull selected to match our and our client’s demands concerning quality, the environment and with a work ethic and method which fits well with our visions and ideas.

We put great value in maintaining an overall good technical base knowledge within our different product ranges, in order to be able to come up with the best possible solutions for our clients and their applications together with our partner’s colleagues and specialists.

Ask our knowledgable sales engineers how we can help you chose the most sustainable solution and how it will affect your operational costs over a longer period. You will find the right contact person under each product range, as well as in our contact section.


Welcome Nicklas!

Our product range

Evaporative Cooling Towers & Condensers

Provide a simple, economical solution for many cooling requirements. We are specialists in the area and can supply units ranging from 18 kW up to 30 MW per cell.

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Zonda kylmedelkylare

Dry coolers

V-type, horisontal and vertical models which are available in standard dry version and the V-type also in several different adiabatic versions up to 3 MW per unit.

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Plate Heat Exchangers

Gasket type, brazed, semi-welded and fully welded versions in many different models and sizes. Also an unique “Hybrid” cooler simplifying cleaning with for example high pressure washer.

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Cooling Water Intake Systems

Unique method of corse filtering of coolinng water taken direct from creeks, rivers, lakes and seas. Protects feed pumps and other equipment and decreases the solids load in the whole cooling system.

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Cooling Water Filter Systems

Automatic backwash filters for filtration of particles with filter finess ranging from 9 mm down to approximately 200 µm. Mussels, jelly fish, seaweed etc. No problem is too hard to solve.

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Tube Cleaning Systems

Keeps clean inside tube heat exchangers and kondensers by circulating rubber balls which are pressed through the tubes by the water flow thus removing solids and deposits consinuously. Eliminates consequential damages such as corrosion, pitting and leakages between the chambers.

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Tube Heat Exchangers

Several different types such as tube heat exchangers, tube condensers and air pre-heaters from different manufacturers to solve a large variety of industrial applications.

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Jet pumps & vacuum systems

Used to create vacuum, transport various particles, compress or mix gases, steam, fluids or pulver. These ejector based products are driven by gaseous or fluid media without any moving parts.

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Blow off silencers etc.

Multi stage units customized to application, our blow off silencers are available for low pressure to high pressure steam and other gases. We also have other types of silencers for fans, compressors and more.

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