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Gas Scrubbers

Our partner CR Clean Air Group specialize in gas scrubber systems. Many years of experience and specific knowledge, as well as well equipped inhouse laboratories, enable us to develop optimal solutions, even for hard to solve operating cases. The company originate from and work closely with Croll Reynolds which CAMpreq also represents for other solutions within ejector based technology which you can read more about here.

Ejector scrubbers and venturi gas scrubbers are especially suited for:

  • Absorbtion
  • Dust removal
  • Gas cooling
  • Aerosol / odor removal
  • Steam condensation

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Brochure CR Clean Air Scrubber Systems
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Ejector scrubbers are a unique type of gas washers. They work according to the ejector principle and are the only gas scrubbers that do not cause a pressure loss on the suction side but can be used for pressure increase. This means that if you use such a scrubber, in most cases no mechanical fan is required to suck and transport the gas. You can read more about different application possibilities and applications in the examples below, the brochure on the right and on the CR Clean Air’s website here.

Jet Venturi Scrubber (Venturigastvätt)

The Jet Venturi Scrubber utilizes a liquid motivated ejector design to entrain contaminated gases, generally without the need for a blower. The relatively high liquid-to-gas ratio, liquid atomization, and open internal design provide effective scrubbing of heavily contaminated gases with minimal maintenance and virtually unlimited turndown capabilities. Its ability to handle wide ranging conditions while removing both toxic gases and particulate matter makes the Jet Venturi one of the most flexible designs available. It is often used as a first stage in a multi-stage pollution control system.

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Packed Tower Scrubber

The Clean Air Group, LLC’s Packed Tower Scrubber utilizes a vertical countercurrent design for highly efficient absorption of a variety of toxic gases. In addition to its extensive use in air pollution control, the Packed Tower can serve as a gas/liquid contactor in a number of process applications. Efficiencies of 99.99% and greater are not unusual for many scrubbing applications. During operation, gas flows upward through a packed bed while scrubbing liquid flows down (by gravity) over the packing material. The counter-flow design principle offers optimal mass transfer. The Clean Air Group, LLC supplies cross flow and co-current flow Packed Tower designs as well.

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High Energy Venturi Scrubber

The High Energy Venturi Scrubber is ideally suited to the capture of small particles less than 3 microns in size. It is effective as well in the submicron range and requires little or no maintenance. For applications where variations in gas flow require throat gas velocity compensation to maintain specified scrubbing efficiencies, the Clean Air Group, LLC offers automatic and manually variable throat designs. The automatic throat is used where flow conditions vary widely and frequent adjustments are required. When occasional variations occur, a manually-controlled throat is available.

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