Jet Pumps & Vacuum Systems

Jet pumps (ejector pumps) are used to transport, compress or mix gases, vapors, liquids or powders. They are powered by gaseous or liquid media. The most common task is to draw vacuum in one or more steps where we can provide, from the simplest, to the most advanced systems that can be put together.

The work they perform is accomplished only by the pressure energy in the drive nozzle being converted into kinetic energy, i.e. a pump without moving parts.

Our jet pump family is very versatile and can be delivered in most metal and plastic materials according to the customer’s and application’s needs.

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Areas of use

  • create vacuum
  • mixing
  • heating
  • cooling
  • compress gases & vapors
  • compress liquids and various types of suspensions
  • transporting
  • gas washer / scrubber (see separate product area / page)

Financial benefits

  • Easy installation
  • No moving parts
  • No maintenance costs
  • Excess steam can be used instead of being wasted
  • High availability gives increased production earnings

Ecological benefits

  • Excess energy recovery
  • No consumables give lower carbon dioxide emissions caused by manufacturing and transport, in principle
  • No disposal of consumables

We also supply various systems, such as multi-stage steam jet vacuum cooling systems for cold water production and multi-stage vacuum plants to create process vacuum. Ejector based technology is found in a large number of industries, such as power generation, chemistry, petrochemicals, food, pharmaceuticals and water treatment.