Two Cooling Towers to Steel Foundry

We are glad to recently have shipped two evaporative cooling towers to a steel foundry in the county of Värmland, Sweden. The units will replace two older units being replaced after a larger fire accident at the factory earlier this year.

The project is a clear example of how CAMpreq can take on a requirement even when clear input data is not available from an old plant and equipment not supplied by us originally.

With the help of on site visit, we among other things checked measurements, construction details and cooling pack type of the old units. And with this we could offer a solution with new units that we with great confidence know will have at least as good cooling capacity as the old units.

This was done based on long experience, careful calculations and thorough communication and information exchange with both the customer’s project consultant and our partner MITA’s product specialists.

The two new cooling towers are of model MITA PME 3104 each with 2,5 MW cooling capacity at design point, a cooling water flow of 110 m3/h and each unit equipped with one direct coupled fan/motor with 7,5 kW installed power and with permanently greased bearing.

You can read more about our cooling towers from MITAhere:, and if you want to know more call us or mail us today!

Pictures taken during loading at factory in Siziano just south of Milan, Italy
(photo: Marco Giacinto & Giada Soldati)





New phone numbers

Starting October 1st our company will change our office phone numbers due to a change and modernisation of our switchboard solution.

Our new main office number from 1-Oct-2020: +46 31 36 36 120

Our other direct numbers to our different coworkers can be found under the page “Contacts“.

For those of you who have our mobile phone numbers, there is no change for now. However, it is always best that you use our office numbers (+4631 XXX) where our system will let you know when and how we are unavailable, and when we will be available again.

Happy Summer 2020!

We would like to thank our customers, suppliers  and partners for a first half of 2020 which has been very special and challenging in many different ways.

On the 30th of June, CAMpreq’s fiscal year also ended with a continued positive resultand we look forward to working on more exiting projects together with you.

Happy, Healthy and Pleasant summer wishes from the CAMpreq-team!

Peter Sundbaum  | Johan Stangvik |  Jenny Johansson | Tomas Heiman

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Dry coolers for cooling machine

We are pleased to announce our first order with our new partner Stefani for a cooling project in western Sweden.

Sample picture of 4 ea OSTRO units in two different sizes for Supermarket in Italy

The delivery will be in the first quarter of 2021 for two OSTRO L-W 80 3.2 that each have a cooling capacity of 230 kW. The units have six EC-fans in two rows (3 x 2) and will cool a cooling machine for an ice rink.

The P/O was received from one of our customers within the cooling industry who will be handling the full installation work including other equipment, piping, etc.

Senior Sales Engineer Johan Stangvik

Johan Stangvik
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+46 31 720 24 68

You can read more about our dry coolers and condensers here, and if you want to know more call us or send an e-mail today!

Agreement with Caverion

After mutual evaluation during the winter, we are glad to announce that we have signed an agreement for with Caverion with regards to our productswithin evaporative cooling towers, dry coolers, gas condensers and plate heat exchangers.

Caverion is present in Sweden in close to 80 different locations covering customer’s needs within so called “Building Performance” with everything from design, construction and installation to continuous maintenance and other services.

CAMpreq is now listed within Caverion’s purchasing system Symbrio that we hope will lead to an increased cooperation with more of the offices that we haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know yet. We look forward to it!

Tomas Heiman, Teknisk Säljare

CAMpreq’s new colleague

We are proud to announce the addition to our team with our new Technical Sales person Tomas Heiman starting March 30th.

Tomas Heiman, Teknisk SäljareHis most recent experience has been with 12 years Technical Sales of machine rental equipment. In his former position he among other things rented out air coolers etc. to Swedish heavy industries and the cooling industry.

Tomas will be promoting our full product range, although with some extra focus on our evaporative cooling towers, dry coolers & condensers (new focus product range 2020) and plate heat exchangers to the customer segments where he already has good connections.

We hope that you will join us in welcoming Tomas to the team!

2 fläktar & inlopp + 1 utlopp per kyltorn

Cooling Tower Replacement Marieberg

During autumn 2019 CAMpreq,in cooperation with Radiator, replaced two cooling towers which had lived their life time. The plant is owned and operated by E.on in Örebro (central Sweden), where the cooling towers cool three cooling machines that provide district cooling to the nearby industrial area and shopping centre Marieberg.

The two new cooling towers of model MITA PME 7204, each with 3,4 MW cooling capacity at design point at a cooling water flow of 415 m3/h and has two motor/fan groups (cells) per unit.

Both units are specially adapted to existing site conditions for example with the positions of service hatches and cold water outlets. And one unit is also equipped with two shut-off valves from KSB Sweden to allow operation of only one cell at a time when only the smallest cooling machine is in operation.

CAMpreq won the bid as full contractor where the job to disassemble the old cooling towers, adapt steel works, piping and installation and start-up of the new units was handled by  Radiator VVS in Mariestad as sub contractor.

You can read more about our cooling towers from MITA here, and if you want to learn more call or e-mail us today!

Fjärrkylanläggning Marieberg 2 st MITA PME 7204 evaporativa kyltorn

2 fläktar & inlopp + 1 utlopp per kyltorn Anpassad rördragning & uppställningssmide av Radiator

Stora serviceluckor för större serviceåtgärder


CAMpreq has decided to start our new product range DRY COOLERS and are happy to introduce our new partner Stefani Spa from Vicenza in Italy.

Through the years we have sold a number of dry coolers from different manufacturers depending on the application requirements.

After some time’s search internationally and after careful supplier evaluation, including a factory visit and inspection in December 2019, we have now come to an agreement with Stefani Spa.

With close to 50 year’s experience and deliveries to more than 50 countries Stefani is a strong and reliable player in the market. Their focus areas are “Performance” and ” Solidity” which form the basis of all of their supplies.

CAMpreq will mainly market their products suitable for industrial cooling, comfort cooling and refrigeration with the models Ostro, Zonda and Scirocco but Stefani have even more to offer.

We hope that you will find these products as interesting to evaluate the next time that you need dry coolers or condensers.

Senior Sales Engineer Johan Stangvik

Johan Stangvik
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+46 31 720 24 68

You can read more about our dry coolers and condensers here, and if you want to know more call us or send an e-mail today!

Filter Replacement at Power Plant

After 34 years of operation, we last spring changed a debris filter unit model Taprogge PR-BW 400 to a newer unit with improved design of model Taprogge PR-BW 800. The filter is installerad in a power plant on the Swedish east coast and has been in operation since may.

Taprogge’s model name PR-BW is short for Pressure Relief Back Wash, where a rotating arm attached to an outlet in the centre covers the filter surface. The outlet which is connected down stream of the heat exchanger to be protected, thus creates a pressure drop which automatically sucks off the filter surface with the help of a small partial flow from the filtered water from below.

Function principleThe filter is designed for sea water intake from the Baltic Sea with a normal flow of approximately 3000 m3/h, but can handle up to as much as 8000 m3/h if required. Inlet and outlet flanges DN 1000 total lenth etc. is customized to fit the already existing flange connections. In the supply is also included an automatic differential pressure measuring system, however the client have chosen themselves to handle the controls with their own control cabinet and connection to their DCS which otherwise normally is included by Taprogge.

You can readmore anout our filter systems from Taprogge here, and if you want to learn more please call or mail us today!

Pictures from production:

Filter housing Connections welding work Preparations for pressure/leak test Filter basket installed inside the filter housing



Four cooling towers in operation at Fors Mill

Stora Enso in Fors have now completed the test run period of four large PME 7204 Super Silent evaporative cooling towers at their waste water treatment plant. And so far, the equipment has done their job well according to Stora Ensos Project Manager.

The installation and start up was performed earlier this spring although some of the work surrounding the units needed further completion. Now the fixed protective railings have been put in place as well as the special fire protection walls.

The project is a typical example where we have acted as technical advisors with site specific customization for best solution. Both with focus on minimized total installation cost and present/future capacity redundancy.

You can read more about our cooling towers here, and if you want to know more please call or e-mail us today!